Boost My Bio—Pitch Wars 2019

This is a departure from my typical blog posts—it’s in response to an online event called Boost My Bio for a contest called Pitch Wars that connects writers and mentors in preparation for an agent showcase.

Meet Brie (me, not the cheese, although I love cheese—see #8 below)


I write contemporary YA, and while my stories often deal with some heavy topics, my goal is to leave readers feeling positive and hopeful.


I’m currently revising my YA novel SHATTERPROOF:

Seventeen-year-old Adele Marshall (and her boyfriend, Charlie) was afraid she had mono; now she would give anything for that to be the diagnosis. How can she have cancer?! 

Once treatment begins, Dell is forced to contend with side effects from chemo (please make it to the bathroom before puking) and multiple infection-induced hospital stays. As she progresses through one failed regimen after another, she is faced with a series of losses, from finding clumps of hair on her pillow to letting go of dreams that may not be realized (good-bye, senior prom). 

But with the hardships come opportunities to see people at their best—from an unexpected confidant and an outpouring of support from her school and community to the unwavering love from the people always by her side. They give her the strength to face her future, determined to make each moment count. From an impromptu 4th of July celebration to her first time wiggling her toes in the sand, Dell discovers life isn’t about her battle against cancer—it’s about everything she’s fighting for


For my job that pays, I’m an editor at an oncology-focused advertising agency, which means I spend a lot of hours thinking about cancer. Sad, often, but inspiring too. Back in 2011, I read a memoir by a cancer survivor that, in part, led to the idea for this book.


I believe in kindness. Once I finish revising my current manuscript, next up is a story about Rae, a 16-year-old girl whose father died suddenly, and her struggle to cope. At her lowest moment, an act of kindness lifts Rae from her depths of despair and sows a seed of hope.

Besides writing, my other passion project is a kindness crusade I started on Twitter. It began as a way to connect with others who share my passion for doing good, and I would love to see how far it can reach. If you’re curious or interested in participating, please check out my tweets for more information.


I have a (one could argue overzealous) love for musical theatre. I’m a season subscriber in two different cities (for two years it was three cities). I see so many shows, I had to create an Excel file to keep track of what I’ve seen and which shows I’ve seen most often (the current total is 271 shows, and I’ve seen Les Mis 7 times).

Last season’s shows


I’m a Friends fanatic.


My husband and I have quotes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer engraved on our wedding rings.


As a child, I was a ridiculously picky eater. Now I’ve eaten (and enjoyed) ostrich, kangaroo, turtle, duck, and rabbit (ie, I’m a foodie).


I’m unabashedly obsessed with pumpkin.


I’ve been writing on and off for about 25 years. After a several-year hiatus when I adjusted to life as a parent, I’m grateful to be a part of the writing community again. I’d love to make your acquaintance, so please give me a look on Twitter, and keep on writing!

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