Just like a domino, an act of kindness can set off a chain of events.

Together, let’s create a domino effect of good deeds, with a goal of performing 50,000 acts of kindness. Are you up for the challenge? If so, do something kind, then post about what you did on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook along with the hashtags #kindnessdominoeffect and #50thousandactsofkindness in order for your selfless act(s) to be added to the total.

Even something small, like leaving an uplifting message on a bathroom mirror, can have a tremendous effect. Post-its can be used to brighten someone’s day with a kind word in a myriad of ways—on a car windshield, in a tip jar, packed with a lunch, on a locker, or inside a library book. If you’d like to receive a set of the Post-it notes pictured above to spread kindness as well as to encourage more Kindness Champions to join the fun, reach out here or through the following social channels:

For more ideas for ways to be kind, see below, then go set a kindness domino in motion!

In the young adult novel I’ll Be There for You, Post-it notes with positive messages spread kindness by adorning mirrors and windshields and letting people know they matter. Check out the book to find inspiration in the other ways Rae and her friends champion their own kindness campaign. And for an added dose of kindness, shop at an independent bookstore.

PURCHASE through the independent bookstore Cover to Cover Children’s Books or through Amazon, Bookshop, or Barnes and Noble.

The link below offers hundreds of ideas for kind acts, from baking and gift giving to doing something nice at home, school, or work. Plus, if you like quirky national holidays, there’s a calendar with possibilities for good deeds to do 365 days of the year.