I would love to visit your middle school, high school, or library to chat about I’ll Be There for You (ages 13+)! I can give either of the presentations below or create something to suit your needs.

Feel free to share this information with other teachers, librarians, PTO/PTA members, and parents as well.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit, please email me at brieannawilkoffauthor@gmail.com.

Random Acts of Kindness

In conjunction with the book, I’ve launched an initiative aimed at inspiring 50,000 acts of kindness (read more at kindnessdominoeffect.com). After a reading and/or Q&A, we’ll talk about how students can replicate one of the novel’s acts of kindness—writing uplifting messages on Post-it notes to place on lockers throughout the school. We can do this together during my visit, or I can leave custom book-themed Post-its for you and the students to use afterward.

Characterization Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, I’ll walk students through 3 techniques I use to develop realistic, believable, well-rounded characters, providing examples from my notes and brainstorming work on I’ll Be There for You.

Pricing for the 2023-2024 school year

For classes that have read I’ll Be There for You, I’m happy to donate a free 15-minute virtual visit. I can be booked for longer sessions as follows:

In-person visits
Half day: $400
Full day: $700

In-person visits outside the Greater Columbus area require a full day plus travel expenses.

Virtual visits
$50/30 minutes or $100/hour

A 30-minute visit will include a Q&A without a presentation/workshop.

For students (or staff!) who would like a signed copy, I personalize books in a special way: I add my inscription to the fictional kind messages on the “reverse burn book” pages at the back. During my visit, students can also sign a real-life reverse burn book by writing something nice about someone they know. I’ll feature these messages on my website and social media!