Dell’s story

Working title: Shatterproof

Seventeen-year-old long-distance runner Dell Marshall was afraid she had mono. Now she and her photographer boyfriend, Charlie, would give anything for that to be the diagnosis. How can she have cancer?! Prior to that fateful appointment, Dell was planning to run her first marathon. After treatment begins, she doesn’t know if she can run in her next track meet.

Through his pictures, Charlie has always striven to capture the truth of life, the wonder. But in the new normal they’ll soon face, he will have to look harder to find the beauty around him.

Forced to contend with vomiting she barely manages to conceal at school and a near-torturous sensation the medical community nonchalantly terms “bone pain,” Dell grows weary of living life like it’s a battlefield. But that doesn’t mean she’s giving up. Armed with the love of the people around her, Dell discovers we can crack without breaking, even amid circumstances that threaten to shatter our world.